Our Services

Working throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London Stonegate Brickwork can provide a full range of services for all types of construction. From small scale projects through to extensions, new builds and housing development sites. We offer the full range of brickwork services. From professional, sub structures for footings to super structure from DPC (damp proof course) and above.

Brickwork Services

From the ground to the roof, we offer a full array of brickwork services, from small to large developments Stonegate are able to provide tailored solutions for all brickwork needs. Working with your chosen architectural team or our in house architects we can take your project needs from concept to completion.


The footing and plinth of a building, designed by ours or your professional chartered structural engineers. Imperative to the safety of a building as the sub structure provides the underpinnings to the super structure. From damp proof course and above, we design all sub structures to meet the exacting standards to create developments that withstand environmental impacts and the testing superstructures that they are designed to support.

Superstructure construction

also overseen by professional chartered structural engineers, the superstructure is anything above the ground and must be built to exacting standards to ensure its durability and ability to endure the live load. The superstructure can be any number of floors and can be as simple as a bungalow to as complex as a block of flats. Professional brickwork services provide the structure for the remaining elements to be completed including columns, beams, windows, doors, floors, roofs and all finishings.

CHAS Accredited Contractor

CHAS is the UK’s leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions.